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School of the Environment and Safety Engineering Successfully Held the 2nd Sino-foreign Postgraduate Academic Forum

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School of the Environment and Safety Engineering successfully held the second Sino-foreign Postgraduate Academic Forum atRoom 110 of Lecture Hall Building, on 31st May, 2019, after elaborate preparation. The distinguished guests present at the forum are the leaders of School of the Environmental and Safety Engineering (Mr. Liu Hong, Deputy Dean; Mr. Huang Yongqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean; Mr. Du Daolin, Deputy Dean), the judges (Prof. Sun Jianzhong, Chairman of Professor Committee of the school; Prof. Huang Weihong; Prof. Qiu Xuchun), and the invited speaker (Dr. He Kai). A lot of Chinese and foreign postgraduate students participated in the forum.

In the opening ceremony, Prof. Du Daolin, Deputy Dean of School of the Environment and Safety Engineering delivered a passionate speech.

The Opening Ceremony

There was 1 specially invitedexpert’sreport and15 PGstudents’ presentationsin all according to the schedule. Thespecially invited report was given by Dr. He Kai, an overseas expert with high academic achievements, from Kyoto University, Japan. The topic was the environmental health risk assessment of artificial chemicals. The report was mainly about the risk assessment of water quality accidents, dynamic analysis of micro pollutants and identification of unknown contaminants, pollution control and water recycling technology. ThePGstudents’presentations were given by 7 overseas students and 8 Chinese students. The 15 students were those who had been carefully chosen from no less than 100 candidates by the academic committee of the forum.ThePG students presented mainly their own research progress and results. The topics were various, including biological responses to environmental pollutants, development of environmentally friendly new materials and processes, environmental safety management,etc. The excellent comments by the judges and experts and theQ&Asession deepened theparticipants’understanding on various topics. All benefited a lot from the forum, which was an academic display of different research fields and a platform for the collision, communication and integration of different academic ideas and research methods.

Thespecially invited report by Dr. He Kai

Through careful discussion, the Judge Panel decided on the overall best prize, the 1stprizes, the 2ndprizes, and the 3rdprizes. In the closing ceremony, all the prizes were awarded to the students (The overall best student was Yu Sujie, a first-grade PG student from Biofuels Institute of Jiangsu University, and the title of her presentation was High Value-Added Products from Green Tides-extraction of Alginate and Nanocellulose for potential 3D printing Application). Professor Sun Jianzhong, Director of Biofuels Institute of Jiangsu University,Chairman of the Judge Panel,Chairman of Professor Committee of the school, doctoral supervisor, made the academic summary, focusing on research spirit and scientific ethics.Hehoped that through the academic exchanges and communication, the Chinese and foreign postgraduate students could uphold the positive and serious research spirit, understand and expand the frontiers of international research, and devote themselves to scientific research.

a PG student’s presentation

a PG student’s presentation

The Sino-foreign PG academic forum held bySchool of the Environment and Safety Engineeringmainly includes the off-line forum, supplemented by the on-line forum (a WeChat group in which the Chinese and foreign postgraduate students, supervisors, and leaders of the school can conduct instant academic communication) and a series of English lectures given by domestic and overseas experts in different disciplines and research fields. The school organizes the forum annually.The main purposes of this academicseriesforum are:(1)To provide a platform of academic exchanges to promote exchanges and discussions between PG students in different research fields;(2)To get the knowledge of the frontiers of research fields by listening toexperts’ speeches;(3)To enhance the school’s academic atmosphere, stimulate students' innovation, and improve academic quality. The forum is not only a preparation step for the Sino-foreign PG academic forum held by Jiangsu University, but also an important measure taken by School ofthe Environment and Safety Engineering in order to improve the education quality of PG students and construct an internationalized research-oriented school.

The Awarding Ceremony