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Associate Professor Yang Zhugen of Cranfield University came to our School to give an academic report

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In the afternoon of May 26, associate professor Yang Zhugen of Cranfield University visited our School and delivered an academic report entitled "Low cost and rapid sensors for waste surveillance" for our teachers and students.

Associate Professor Yang Zhugen focused on sharing the cutting-edge research on the use of paper-based Microfluidics equipment to monitor wastewater for early warning of a disease pandemic, as well as the latest progress in the rapid detection of toxic substances by paper-based Microfluidics chips.

Associate Professor Yang Zhugen is the supervisors of the Cranfield Graduate School of Future Technology in the field of resources and environment. At present, he has jointly trained several graduate students with our school professors. This visit is of great significance for deepening the cooperation between the two sides in scientific research, teacher-student exchange/exchange and other aspects.