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The two international talent Innovation and practice bases were successfully established

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The 2022 "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation and Development on Agricultural Modernization had held on November 18th-20th in Jiangsu University.

In this forum, Jinpu Landscape Architecture Co., LTD and Shanshui Environment Technology Inc. which signed the cooperation agreement with our School, were invited to participate in the awarding ceremony of "International Talent Innovation Practice Base". Jinpu Landscape Architecture Co., LTD is a comprehensive landscape GEM listed enterprise with park city construction as the core and providing the whole industrial chain services of R&D, design, construction and operation for building a beautiful China. Shanshui Environmental Technology  Inc. is a "New Three Board" ecological and environmental technology enterprise, committed to the research and development and application of core technologies such as water ecology, wetland, soil, mine restoration and sludge resource utilization.

The two bases will play an important role in cultivating the innovative and practical ability of the international students in our school, and will further promote the in-depth cooperation between our school and the two listed enterprises. So far, there have been 5 practice bases for international students in our school.